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Pulsejet Dust Collector Filter Bags

We provide wide qualitative range of Non Woven OEM Pulse Jet Filter Media Bags, Pleated Filters and Cartridge Filters ,Premium Quality, with Optimised Engineering design for Dry Particulate Collection. Application: Widely used in dry powder collection and Air Aollution control in industrial Pneumatic conveying machines and Filter systems. Specifications: Available in different shapes and dimensions Premium Media Quality Best Chemical and Surface Treatments viz Oil and Water and Chemical Resistance Different operating temperature and Porosity range Optimum Design and Controlled Dimensions Resistance to thermal and environmental degradation Features: Excellent strength Highly durable Sturdy design Low Shrinkage Snap Band and Collar Design Finishes Offered Oil and Water repellant coating. Acid and alkaline vapours and gases resistance High temperature filter media like Fibre Glass, PTFE and Special Substance coatings Full Technical Support offered to OEM and Consultants Most Commonly Filter Media is Non Woven Polyester, Normex , Glass Fabric , with and without Surface Treatments We offer Solutions to Cement Industry , Mineral Grinding , Micronising , Food Processing Industry, Metal Processing , Boiler Installations, Surface Finishing ; for each segment we offer Tailor made products and solutions backed by experienced technocrats.



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