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Micro Processor Based Digital Sequential Timer Controllers INR   4100 INR  4100

Micro Processor Based Digital Sequential Timer Controllers

we offer wide range of Dust Collector Sequential Timer Controller Cards for Industrial applications. Specifications: used to operate Solenoid valves of pulsejet systems , also Used to operate sequence of Process line Electric Motors, Heaters, oil fired burners and also in Defence Installations applications Features: Microprocessor based design Digital Display User friendly Remote Control Operations option Available for 4 , 6, 10, 16 and 40 channel systems Features: Technologically advanced Adjustable operational parameters Accurate and Precise operation Dust Proof enclosures for stand alone and Control Panel use. Enclosure The Stand alone Sheet steel enclosure has essential features: The enclosure is canopy type, closed Grommets are provided for cable openings , which can be substituted by desired Metal/Polymer Glands. The Connection strip provides connectors for both terminals of connected loads like valves . In addition adequate space is provided for easy bending of cables and possible mounting of additional PCB etc . Special Technical support is offered for OEMs, and Custom Built Systems are also offered.

INR 4100 INR 4100


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